Isn’t this what I have been longing for?
To uncover the universe with my bare hands

Scoop up all the stars, planets, moons and suns I could hold
And bite into their bodies

Make light of my murderous hunger just to ingest something other than darkness
That has always found a way to settle into my hollow bones I can make telescopes out of

How long has it been since I ate hope?
How long has it been since I stuffed myself with prayers and wishes?

I still believe they float somewhere in the universe or in the spaces between me and the self I’ve carried once like an injured bird
Now flying midair with a broken wing

And maybe if I reached out far enough, I’d be able taste them once again
Let their embers burn my tongue

Let them start wildfires within me
And make stars out of every sigh

Planets out of every tear
Moons out of every wish

Suns out of ever prayer
Let them make a damn universe out every breath I’ve taken

Every breath I’m taking
Every breath I will take

A universe
Out of thin air

A universe
Out of me


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